Broken Down: About Eloquent Communications

Eloquent Communications (EC) isn’t just the name of my business. It’s the goal for the business and the services I provide.

To be eloquent when communicating is what we all should want and strive for. Communicating with the people that matter to us is a basic human need and function. It is one of the first things we do after birth. We arrive crying, trying to express our feelings about the shocking event that just happened. The ability to communicate effectively is an important skill for life long personal and  professional achievement.

Eloquence is a word for clarity. Eloquence is having something to say (or communicate) and sharing that message in a way that is meaningful to the person(s) receiving the message. The winning formula is to use the right words, at the right time, in the right way, with the right people. This is effective communications or as I like to say, eloquent communications.

Broken down eloquent communications sounds attainable. The reality is that eloquent communications is challenging. Why? Because people are delightfully complicated. All the factors that make people both amazing and frustrating, make it challenging to communicate with them. Knowing your people and their needs paves the way for eloquent communications.

My work has required me to communicate effectively with the most challenging audiences in a wide range of circumstances. From fun to fatal; the topics and the needs have required dexterity. My formal background in education and public relations has prepared me with a wide range of skills and knowledge. My interests in systemic design and innovation provide some of the sprinkles on the cake of eloquent communications.

When we are unable to communicate effectively there can be dire consequences. Misunderstandings proliferate, people disengage and relationships break. Game over. Relationships with customers, employees, family, and partners can thrive or stagnate based on communications. Helping relationships thrive with eloquent communications is what motivates me.

The Eloquent Communications venture is just beginning of possibility. Let’s talk about the ways EC could help you with your communications needs. Do you have to give a speech at your daughter’s wedding? Do you need to write a letter of concern? Do you need support to write a blog or two? Do you need to develop staff training materials? For all of these communications needs and others; EC can help.

Yours in clarity.
Ronny Co